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Assault Boats build a range of high-quality RIBs to suit the needs of recreational, commercial and military applications. Our 9m and 11m Assaults are based on the world-renowned Gemini hulls with high-quality New Zealand designed and built custom cabins. Our 8m and 9.2m are an NZ designed and built hull that offer an amphibious configuration option.


Traditionally, larger rigid hull inflatable craft (RIB/RHIB) were reserved for patrol, dive and rescue use, due to their somewhat industrial look and layout. Such operators favour RIB’s due to a number of beneficial characteristics that can make for an enjoyable, safe and comfortable day or weekend on the water for recreational boaties as well.

The presence of tubes/pontoons make these craft exceptionally stable, meaning diving, fishing and watersports are both safe and practical. RIBs also boast an extremely large load carrying capacity and sport a far greater deadrise angle than conventional monohulls, meaning great rough water performance for those occasions when the weather catches you unexpectedly.

For the novice, large diameter tubes also provide great protection when coming alongside other craft or when docking, meaning no more expensive gel coat scratches or dents.


Fifteen years ago, RIBs were growing in popularity as an excellent all-rounding boating option, but he felt many customers were restricted as they wanted something offering more protection and options than a centre console. Thus, Assault was born.


The rounded deep ‘V’ shaped Gemini hull offers great performance, comfort and excellent handling at top speeds, especially in heavy seas. They are built using the latest technology and techniques, ensuring quality and reliability.


Assault Boats are designed for heavy applications and built to thrive in the harshest conditions. But that doesn't mean we lack sophistication. Pleated upholstery, a colour-matched hardtop liner, and your choice of U-Dek flooring are just some of the finishing touches we offer to add a new level of elegance and comfort.